Terms & Conditions

OFFER TERMS: Please allow 5-7 days for delivery (Limit one per household).

ONE-MONTH SUPPLY: You can purchase a Month Supply for only $79.95 + $4.95 SH with no Monthly Shipment.

15-DAY TRIAL OFFER:You can choose to purchase the 15-day Trial Offer– by selecting this option; will pay $4.95 for a 30-day supply. At the end of your 15-day trial; if you do not want to continue taking Green Coffee Plus, you must cancel within 15 days of the original purchase date or you will be charged for the value of the 30-day product in your possession for $79.95. Cancel anytime by calling 888-619-6643.

MONTHLY DELIVERY: – by choosing the 30-day supply with auto ship, you are requesting enrollment in the Green Coffee Plus monthly delivery program. You will be billed $79.95 + $4.95 SH today and every 30 days thereafter for the monthly membership price of only $79.95 + $4.95 SH. Cancel anytime by calling 888-619-6643.

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